The New 2020 Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST has received a ton of improvements since the first one in 2002. After 4 generations, it’s improved more than any of its rivals.

After Ford saw great success with the launch of the first Ford Focus, the first Ford Focus ST170 launched in 2002. It had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a conservative 170 hp. The feel of the car was more like a more luxurious trim level than a proper enthusiast driving machine.

In 2005, Ford released the second generation of the Focus ST. Premier Automotive Group, comprised of Ford-owned brands including Volvo, was doing better than ever. The second-generation Focus ST got a five-cylinder Volvo engine. This new engine gave the car a significant power increase, up to 225 hp.

In 2012, the third generation Focus ST was release. It got a two-liter, four-cylinder Ford engine once again. This time the engine had a turbocharger. It got another power increase up to 250 hp after PAG failed and the companies under it were sold.

With the fourth-generation Ford Focus ST, the engine has changed yet again. It now has a 2.3 liter, 4 cylinder engine. It’s making 273 hp, a huge increase from the last generation yet again.

Ford has pushed to build a car that’s both dynamic and fun to drive, but also a capable family hatchback. The Ford Focus ST now has a ton of electronic and mechanical features that it’s never had before.

A look at the Focus ST trims

The Focus ST is available in the form of a five-door hatchback or a more spacious station wagon. It also offers two engine choices: the 273 hp gasoline engine and a diesel engine with 188 hp.

While car enthusiasts are likely to prefer the five-door gas hatch, the diesel wagon is another option. It’s designed for those looking for a more utilitarian vehicle with a bit of extra performance. Standard equipment is a great value, which includes GPS, heated steering wheel, Recaro seats, and more.