Ford Focus ST

Tuning The Ford Focus ST with Cobb’s AccessPORT

Cobb is one of the most well known companies in the aftermarket automotive performance world, and that’s largely thanks to the Cobb AccessPORT. The AccessPORT allows for flashing new tunes to the ECU of many turbocharged cars, including Subaru, Mazda, Ford, BMW, and Porsche. This allows for installing aftermarket parts and unlocking hidden potential in the engine that’s been held back by the stock tune.

The AccessPORT comes preloaded with various different tunes, made for different modifications, such as intakes and exhausts. There are stage 1 and stage 2 tunes included as off-the-shelf tunes, so you can quickly get your car running safely after you’ve installed your performance modifications.

Flashing a new tune to the Focus ST with the Cobb AccessPORT is easy. The AccessPORT simply plugs into the OBD-II port beneath the dash, and then using the on screen menus, the appropriate tune can be selected and the flashing process can begin. Cobb recommends using a battery charger while flashing a tune to make sure your car’s battery doesn’t die in the middle of the process. If the ECU flash fails due to battery failure, then the car may be inoperable without sending the ECU into Cobb for it to be reflashed back to a valid tune.

The AccessPORT adds some additional features to the car as well. The flat foot shifting lets you set an independent rev limit while you’re shifting between gears, so that you can keep your foot on the gas as you shift into the next gear, keeping boost pressure up for better acceleration. It has a launch control feature, allowing you to set another independent rev limit for while the car is stopped. Before you launch the car, you can depress the gas and clutch, and the car will rev up to your selected RPM, building boost, and allowing the car to launch faster when you let your foot off the clutch.

Cobb allows custom tunes to be made for the AccessPORT through their AccessTUNER software. You can use the AccessTUNER Race software after taking a course that allows you to become familiar with the different ECU tables and changes required. The more advanced AccessTUNER Pro software is limited to professionals who run tuning businesses. There are many Cobb certified dyno shops if you want a pro-tune, and many e-tuners that will make you a custom tune through e-mail without ever meeting.

The Cobb AccessPORT is an excellent choice for tuning the Ford Focus ST and improving its performance.